So….. normally walking from my desk at work, to the bus would take me a good 20 mins(before losing weight), and it would take that long, because i would have to stop and rest on the way.  Sit on the bench downstairs in my bldg, then sit on the bench outside the bldg, then sit and rest on the bench on the way to the bus… well now I can walk all the way without stopping once 🙂 Well, today I timed myself…..7….count em, 7 minutes!  That is from the bus all the way to my building, into the building and to the 2nd floor of my office 🙂 woohoo!

So last night I did the biggest loser for the wii, looks like I have my work cut out for me since I fell below the yellow line.. i was not elminated though, yay!! So i gotta step it up a notch or two! I guess the more you exercise as that character, the more weight she loses… and i hadnt been using BL for the wii much, only when i had training scheduled… was using wii fit plus on the other days… so now i guess i will do BL every day 🙂 I don’t want to get eliminated afterall! hehe

Hope everyone is going to have an awesome weekend!  I am thinking of going shopping for some clothes tomorrow, i have absolutely NO sweaters, normally i am hot at work and wear tanktops, but for the past month every day i have been cold…although we are moving locations on Nov 2nd, so not sure what its like on the 1st floor…guess i will find out lol

Oh, another accomplishment is I exercise every day using wii fit plus, or my other games like that… i have been doing at least 60 mins, generally more… well when I first started this journey, i was doing 5 mins a day! And those 5 mins were tough! I am so proud 🙂

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