Update 12/15/09

This may be a lengthy post, be forwarned haha!

Weigh in day today!!! I am ecstatic! I think by now, most everyone knows my results, as i was telling everyone that would listen lol I lost 3.6 pounds this week, for a total loss of 70.2 pounds! Which also brought me under the 3s! My weight as of this morning is 299.8! I have not been in the 2s in at LEAST 12-15 years!

Last spring, a coworker did this thing like a pound for pound challenge. She got people to sponser her to lose weight, could be whatever people wanted to sponser etc.. like 25 cents per pound or a flat rate etc etc and in the fall she donated the money she made to the food bank, it was called something like breakfast for kids, not exactly sure on that.. but some food related charity, she had raised over 340 dollars!

Anyways in the new year we may go in on something like that together. It may be just her and I or other people may be involved and see who can raise the most money type thing.. we shall see what it may bring 🙂 But looking forward to that.

Anyways… Christmas came early for me this year!! My big brother and sister in law gave me a recumbent exercise bike for christmas! I am beyond thrilled. It was sooo nice of them and I appreciate it so much! They brought it over on Sunday and then we went to visit my dad.They were talking about exercise and how there is no time etc etc…and my sister in law said that as of the 1st of january she will start getting an exercise regime going… my response? Why wait til the 1st when you can start right now? I am turning into a fitness guru! ha!

Will be holdin ya to that K! hehe

Anyways, will post pictures of the bike 🙂




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