Weekly Update 12/08/09

Weigh in day today. 🙂 (and the finale of the biggest loser, woooot!)
So today I “only” lost point 2 of a pound.

But, let me tell you, I was beyond thrilled!!! I was absolutely positive that I had gained at LEAST 2 pounds….GAINED! lol I went to bed saying pls don’t let it be more than a 2 pound gain, 2 or less, that is all i ask! Not only did i NOT gain 2 or more pounds, but i LOST point 2 of a pound, yay me!!!

Had a bad weekend(or rather good weekend, hence the problem! ha!) so i figured i would have gained, seeing as all i had to drink and eat and the lack of execise over the week. But we all have those days/weeks, as long as it isn’t a regular occurence, it’s all good. 🙂

So off I go and make my chicken salad….my cat has been sucking up to me since about 6, i think she knows my schedule a little too well! Wants a taste of cheese and chicken i think haha. While my other cat will be willing me to drop some lettuce for him. I have some weird cats I do…

Oh before I go, to meet my 100 pound goal for the year, I need to lose 2.1 pounds a week every week. I can do that! 🙂
Thanks again for all the support, it means so much to me!