Update – 02/02/10

Where is the time going? Seriously?  I have now had this site up for almost 4 months!  Seems like I just put it up.

Yesterday was weighin day and I was not happy, so much so i wanted to throw the scale out the window lol It wasn’t THAT much of a gain, just when you see a 2 one week and then a 3 the next, makes you wanna scream.  Especially when I was 299 in mid Dec and now i am 300, I coulda lost a good 10 pounds since then… ooooh well…

So was pretty down and lacking of motivation, until I watched this weeks episode of the biggest loser.  OMG, sooo motivating, this episode was probably the most motivating episode i have seen.  The beginning of the season, everyone competed to be on the ranch, but the last 2 teams finishing the competition were sent home.  They were still in the game though, continuing at home and after 30 days they will come back to the ranch and whicheve team loses the most % of weight get to come on the ranch and play the game..

So, the 30 day mark was last nights episode.  So, they did it all at home, no ranch or anything and one person in one month lost 51 pounds!!! Another 39, another 25 and another 24!  So that was pretty motivating, I was like if she can lose 39 pounds in a month, surely i can lose a quarter of that!!! (9.7)

So, next week, I will be posting a loss, so stay tuned!!!