Beyond excited!!!

I know, twice within a day apart?! Shocking! lol

So, I had gone shopping at additionelle around Feb. 20th, and i had bought these denim capris(with no elastic at the waist, have always needed elastic at the waist in the past)…size 24. They were super, ultra tight on me.. could barely breath lol and took forever to just get them on… but, i bought them anyway cause i was like i will be wearing them at some point 🙂

I have lost 1.5 pounds since then….thats it, not even 2 pounds(i just checked lol)… anways.. i just put them on no problem and am sitting while i type this!!!!! I am able to breathe too! lol 24?!! Feb/09 and earlier, i was taking a size 32!! and at that was almost too tight….oh and with elastic at the waist to boot!

I am sooo excited!!!!!

So i guess i have lost way more inches than pounds lol I think i will get a friend of mine to measure me next time i see her… i still have the stats of my measurements from when i was at curves back from june-oct… so will see how many i have lost since then 🙂

I am on cloud 9 right now! lol

This is sooo motivating!  Makes me want to go exercise! Talk to everyone later and thanks for reading and again for all the support!  Love you all!! xo


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