Update – 5/11/10

I know I havecn’t posted anything in foreverrrrrr.. sorry  haven’t really had much to say I guess, I have been doing my daily updates right on facebook, so I don’t want to bore everyone who already know what i have been up to lol

I lost almost a pound this week(.8).  I have been starting to change up my exercise regime, since I haven’t been losing much weight.  I have lost about 3 pounds in 5 months lol… but i must be losing inches, cause i keep having to buy new clothes.

Anyways, I am beginning to use the stairs in my apt bldg as exercise.  Sunday evening, I went up to 7.5th floor(in between 7 and 8) and back down to my apt on the 3rd in 2 mins(2 flights of stairs per floor), then Monday, I went up to the 9th floor and back down in 4 mins and tonight i went to the 8th and back down in 4 mins – was tired today ha!  I will be doing the bike after I finish this post.

So today I am at the cash in the cafeteria getting a muffin and someone behind me, who doesn’t look familiar to me at all, but she obviously knows who i am lol, says “you have lost a lot of weight eh? You look fabulous” That feels so good hearing stuff like that from people I don’t even know!  Well people i do know too lol.. you know what i mean 🙂 Just makes me feel like a celebrity or something.

Then tonight my sister-in-law emails me to tell me how her brother-in-law’s sister told her to tell me she will be cheering me on from afar. I thought that was sooo sweet!  It is stuff like that that keeps me motivated, keeps me going.. i mean i don’t want to let my fans down. lol

Anyways, thanks again for all the support!  It means the world to me!  My total loss since February 27, 2009 is now 73.9