Update – 6/8/10 – time to get serious!

So last week i gained 8 ounces and this past week i gained 3.2! ack.  It is definately time to get serious!  Had my last supper so to speak lol KFC yummmmmm havent had that in ages.  But now i will be cutting out the junk again, it seemed to have creeped back into my eating habits again lol Will stick to eating stuff like that if i go out to lunch/breakfast with friends.

Cutting out the chips and stuff again, guess i kept lying to myself, it isnt like i have it ALL the time, so it is ok… well once in a blue moon turned into once every 2 weeks which turned into once a week which was about to start turning into saturdays AND sundays lol.  So now ill stick to just having popcorn when i go to the movies or something.  For awhile anyways 🙂

Now i am just waiting til my show starts.  Losing It with Jillian Michaels! woohoo! Love that show, the first show was last Tuesday and it was awesome.  It comes on NBC at 10pm est on Tuesday nights, check it out! 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading!

Megan xo