It has been awhile..

Since i posted, sorry about that.  Not really anything to report, so nothing to say.

I have only lost about 2 pounds since December…at least i haven’t gained lots back or anything.  I am on holidays this week, so hopefully i will start picking up the exercise – like doing some. lol I have totally slacked in that department.

I am glad to be off work though til the 9th.  Need the break 🙂 Been pretty busy lately.

Where has the time gone? Can you believe it will be New Year’s Day 5 months from today?!  Crazy!!  I want to lose at least 25 pounds by then, correction.. I will lose 25 pounds by then!

I hope I still have a bit of a fanbase, i know it has been 2 months almost since my last update, pls don’t give up on me!

Looks like i won’t be making my 100 pound year goal, cause that would mean i would have to lose 84.6 pounds in the next 2 months. lol  As long as i lose some weight, that is what matters. 🙂 lose and not gain, that is the key ha!

Thanks for reading and the encouragement and support is greatly appreciated! Helps me to keep on truckin’

Here is a picture from a week ago, July 23.


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