I joined a gym!

I still can’t believe it, me? join a gym?!  It only opens in december though, but they are having a super good deal right now.  Registration is 59 dollars opposed to 249, biweekly payments will be 23.95 opposed to 29.95.

So the good deal ends tomorrow, September 30th… so everyone join!!  So then I will have lots of people to go with. lol


So i lost 1.7 pounds last week 🙂 Not sure what to expect this week as I have been sick..sometimes when im sick i gain, and other times i lose, depending how sick i am i guess lol  I snuck a peak a little bit ago, and normally it shows i gain weight when i weigh at the end of the day, but my scale says i lost 9.7 lol.. so i will see come friday morning. 🙂

Thanks for reading

Megan xo

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