Back to the grind…

Hello!!  My friend re-did my website for me, didn’t she do a superb job?!  Thank you so much Candice, if anyone is interested in design work, she is the gal to get! is her website. 🙂

So I have been back to the grind, i restarted my weightloss journey on April 8th.  Since then(as of Friday’s weigh in) I have lost 8.8 pounds. woot woot!  Any loss is a good loss, so 8.8 is awesome!  You can keep track on my stats, on the progress tab.  I have all the info on what my starting weight was, current weight and how much I have lost to date. 🙂   I even have a cute little ticker on the page showing my progress. 🙂

I will try and remember to post here more often, the last time i posted was in 2013. lol

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years, it is very much appreciated, It helps to have a great support system 🙂