Author: Megan

Back to the grind…

Hello!!  My friend re-did my website for me, didn’t she do a superb job?!  Thank you so much Candice, if anyone is interested in design work, she is the gal to get! is her website. 🙂 So I have been back to the grind, i restarted my weightloss journey on April 8th.  Since then(as of […]


I haven’t posted in awhile, wish when I did it would be better news. 🙁 I am sorry to say that I have regained 36 pounds of the 80 I had lost.  Been going through things with work that just really got me down, so I turned to food(as addicts do), now that things are […]

Too long…

Wow, last time i posted in my blog was the beginning of march lol A lot has been going on, so haven’t thought to post i guess..Back in april my dad was in the hospital for a couple weeks, things seem ok now though 🙂 but around the same time, I was having problems with […]