Author: Megan

A Year…

Sorry that it has been awhile since I posted, not really much to say. So it has been a year and a week now since I started this weightloss journey.  Recently I think my body was like woah, k, a year is  long enough… because i couldn’t get enough food.. i wanted everything.  Not giving […]

Update – 02/02/10

Where is the time going? Seriously?  I have now had this site up for almost 4 months!  Seems like I just put it up. Yesterday was weighin day and I was not happy, so much so i wanted to throw the scale out the window lol It wasn’t THAT much of a gain, just when […]

Update – 01/26/10

So tomorrow marks my 11 month anniversary on this weight loss journey.  I have lost 70.6 pounds in that time. I lost point 6 of a pound this week, but hey, it’s a loss so i will take it 🙂 Brings me under the 3s again.  I am now 299.4, woohoo! I updated all my […]